Itamar Shapira 

Former Israeli Soldier and Co-founder of Combatants for Peace 


Itamar served in the Israeli military during the second Intifada, spending much of his service time in the West Bank. He is a co-founder of Combatants for Peace, which was founded in 2006. Israeli and Palestinian former combatants, people who had taken an active role in the conflict, laid down their weapons and established Combatants for Peace. “The egalitarian, bi-national, grassroots organization was founded on the belief that the cycle of violence can only be broken when Israelis and Palestinians join forces.” Itamar is now a pro-equality Israeli activist currently working on a Master of Arts in Anthropology at Haifa University. He is a flamenco musician and has been a tour guide in Jerusalem and Israel/Palestine since 2006. Itamar has intimate knowledge of the political realities and historical narratives in Israel/Palestine and addresses collective traumas like the Holocaust and the Nakba (the forced expulsion of Palestinians from historic Palestine by Israeli soldiers in 1948-1949).